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Every time I see him within my dreams,
he walks.
Once, with a limp. Another time
full stride, and damn near a run
waiting for legs to jump to life as he becomes
the person whom he used to be
not society's view of handicapped inadequacy.
and he does not use that word.
prefers to use wheel chair accessible
ramp included
or open doorways an ease of hospitality
I wish I could see him run.
Tease him and tell him to stop being so lazy
so stubborn as a mule; just get up and let's get it going
Surely, my naivete as a  mobile fool.
he was the greatest.
greatest mover shaker with that east meets cali swag
lemonheads in hand, fresh sneak with kangol freshness
cologne spewing LL Cool J rocking rhyming house hip-hop"bad"
Bad-Assness. I remember looking out windows previously reserved
for Boo, observing his audaciously audible audio blasting from
a Jeep colored in blue
remember. I remember him walking in and out that truck,
taking me on a cool breeze on the back of that red almost
motorcycle scooter from around the block and me feeling so free
that i forgot about the instant it can be taken away from thee.
he was there. regardless of how stingy this El Barato can be
he thought shrewd sense of businessman-ship should include
giving me a dollar or two of candy a trade of earning honor roll so he can see
that poem I gave MomMom, that Arithmetic that I struggled in
that Science I devoured would not go to waste because I was simply in haste.
he was there. I even got a smack up side my head
which he later told me "my bad" for drinking up
that hella good crab sauce undeniable in its specific range of ingredients
from which my MomMom thought I had indulged in.
kept secret stashes. still does.
now& laters a token of sweet teeth and given to me sparingly
as a sweet ode to our connection of a cleft palate repaired to enjoy wholeheartedly.
and I still see him walk. Dreams so clear I thought I would call my Mami
to tell her that Uncle Kevin got out that chair that day---

reality shows me that miracles have a small chance of happening
when a silver bullet goes astray.


Shout out to my Uncle Kevin. I see your inner strength-and even if others have forgotten, I will never forget-even if you have lost hope, I have not. Now stop being lazy and get out that damn chair. I need you to walk me down the street to Yatz. Te Amo, Uncle Kevin.

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