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"Google It."

if i were a paranoid schizophrenic, i would say that they are controlling my mind.
blatantly disrespecting my environment with habitual line crossings
and entering a meditative and procreative zone only God designed
to seek inner truth, not binary codes within line.
keystrokes. tip. tap. tick. surely, the mere existence of
social networking taking the personalization of the instant message
of what used to be a embrace, what used to be a hug, what used to be
the sweet remembrance of what a kiss should taste
like...the wholeness of creativity
i mean, do i truly need
widgets and gadgets androids and complex robotics
exemplifying and exonerating my thoughts as they surpass
the circuitry of the nervous system inclined to be the mass
acceptance of what was laughed about 10 years prior
a reality to be that robots taking over the world can you see?
is my addiction fed with
daily emails, synchronized updates, online learning experiences
and detailed html flash player existences?
yep. its here to stay. the evolutionary and quite impressive
hail to the Google icon slash idolatry that
possess my every movement and is captured for the
whole world to see?
but it is connection. a plug.
a pronged inlet and outlet that makes my pseudonym
become a pseudonymph, the Trojan horse that displays
the blinking cursor of everlasting dreams
where my insomnia filled nights attract to its flame
and i nominate thyself the poetachica Queen.
technology. there, i said it.
no more metonymy and theorized metaphors
of how and why that it can exist
why that it can take over
why that it can play a part
of how one actually communicates and surely
one can show their heart. i mean, have you read the headlines lately-
and ironically, you can find it via the web
where one Facebooked and the other Tweeted their "I Do's"
as if their homage to each other under a sanctified edifice of God
did not enhance their street cred
Enough. perhaps this is the new answer to possibilities
the new query to tranquility
the new vibrancy to spell checked eloquencey.

perhaps addiction can come in many forms-
and this intranet became internet for my character
to truly be seen.

Poem 5 of 30

Shout out to my love, Evan Taylor-for being my muse and his substantial look upon how technology can actually mirror the soul.

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