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"One Ounce of Soul"

I was told a soul weighs an ounce.

technically, 1/3000 of an ounce by East German researching teams
trying to identify and solidify the measure of terminally ill by 
scientific means.
if I lived a measured life
and fulfilled that dash in between my obituary
surely the valuation of evil versus good breathed life from my capillaries
dispensed in beating chest and blood filled veins
and air upon oxygen in which I cannot breathe again.

I was told a soul weighs an ounce.

the type of treasure that shakes the body upon departure
and blind light seeks a new home
travelling into unknown dimensions
would Peter open the gates to me
staring blind eyed at my name
clipboard in hand/Excel charted progress
of the life I gave and gained
would the power of the mere beauty
be somewhat unimaginable to me
could angels really fly and have wings snipped upon choice
will horns blast and heavens part as a sign
of entering with rejoice
can I bear witness to seraphim and golden streets
repented sins and kinetic heartbeats.

can the soul be measured?

how can one seek an evaluation of the entry in Genesis 1: 20
dominion of limbus patrum 
or hell being an immorality upon eternity

should I seek to balance numbers on scale
re-define what deems intangible
re-examine what is the meaning of spirit
re-seek what is merely accordable and accessible?
could I 
simply be measured
a piece on a scale
a weight upon death
an ounce of a being?

perhaps, my soul upon existence weighs more than comparable
and when I leave
is not available for studying.
I prefer my soul not to be in  a Petri dish
swirled unimaginably and disrespectfully in a glass flask
a flint lighted on a Bunsen Burner 
periodic table to which the chain reacts
I prefer not to be a study
a test tube wonder 
waiting for the world to slowly uncover
quintessential qualified quartiles
checked upon paper and later televised on the x-files
I would rather be, simply me-a soul in which the world to see
an ounce of soul
an ounce of being
an ounce of love
an ounce of weeping
an ounce of smiles
an ounce of tears
an ounce of bad-assness
an ounce of years
an ounce of class
an ounce of intelligence
an ounce of obedience
an ounce of allegiance

simply a soldier of God
armed with words that manifest being
and my soul, within an ounce
received, Matthew 19: 16
ensured for safe-keeping.

I was told a soul weighs an ounce. 



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