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she is a sleeping giant.
awakened only by unfamiliar scents and environments
clinging to cancerous lies and stories unfolded
upon the moonlight.
a shift-taker.
a compromised representative of thyself
trying to hold onto what is new out of the old
what is golden yet does not hold the spark
that a candle can light to it.
she preys.
in secret, she bounces from hidden sex to hidden sex
stalking the naivete of any man willing to uncover
beyond the sheets
beyond her being in heat
beyond the bitch that she claims is her freak.
she pounces.
clearly attracted to champagne showers and cheap bottles of nuvo
a barter system where values exchange for monetary items
education is lost within the swirl of alcohol
upbringing is adhered to deprivation of spirit
and a soul cleanse super-ceded the anonymity of
how she wears it.
can she be called any other name?
she, like minion answers to many titles
fighting to em-battle the sin that is hands idle
skin flesh and beauty endless
passion fulfilled middle name in the air
single solitary seductive female
lioness within her mane
mouse within her claim to fame
big bad assness that one wants to be
because one shoots to be
the mediocrity of what woman is defined
if your goals ain't what they should be or ought to be-
yet, she is one in the same.
the same within one.
the same one.
within none.



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