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Chestnuts cannot roast
on a fire less chimney cause the house doesn't exist
surely Jack Frost nips at your nose
when homelessness is not bliss
sleigh bells do not ring
around a door knob that is not there
stockings cannot hang
near pine needles laced with ornamented care
Surely I can take a partridge, a pear and something
la la la la la to thee
cause an empty stomach is all I see
lights adorned on rooftops indulgence of the rich
Presents under the tree which one will miss
Trims cannot be made of holly; mistletoe not granted with a kiss
All I got is a dream and a wish
That someone finds compassion and does not tell me
That spending time in a shelter during holidays
is the place to be
Bah Humbug, Ebeneezer Scrooge and the green old Grinch
Fairy tales of wonderlands do not occur
In the cold of winter where the house does not exist.

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  1. that was hella tight! and i feel you; homelessness should be dealt with, especially during the season of giving.

  2. Homelessness is definitely important to remember during this season when folks make such a big fuss of family, community, & gift-giving. me likes the rhythmm.


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