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"What Goes Around..."

karma, you're a bitch.
i'm sure i'm not the first to tell you.
here i am, minding my business
(years later) and i get the biggest
bite on my ass that led me to
a lesson on life,
a good
"how to."
look, i know i ain't the best person in the world
and i got a lot coming to me.
sure, i did my part to heart break and i paid the price
to fight the demons which plague me so i see
that is no definite need
to come back vengeful, in a form of haste, spitting hate
upon wounds that are not so new.
blame it entirely on the universe,
but karma ain't got no explaining to do.
i suspect i had this coming to me
as well as the thief in the night.
i am damn well gonna die and pay taxes
and take a couple of them losses within a fight.
i been banged up and mishandled
so i dished it where i took it
afraid of not seeing the next day, dawn awakens with colorful hues-
knocked down on my ass again/pull up by the bootstraps
cause clouds awaken the storm on the day that was considered new.
they think a spanking is bad
a verbal tongue can cut you
a improper love can manhandle one,
and surely this is all so true-
yet please consider that karma is one bad bitch
and she damn sure
is coming after

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