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I'd Rather Have Jesus

I'd rather have Jesus.

seems to me that
others fall short when he stands tall
people run out of words where his silence is comfort
and he brings light upon the shadiest of days,
I'd rather have Jesus to save my day.
Instead of "S" on a chest,
I prefer the J
surely, if he can walk on water
he can fly in and scoop me up when I fail in the worst way
And pain is immenent, and baby we all sing the blues
But its nothing like seeking the comfort of someone that is always there
and truly knows you.
I'd rather have Jesus.
I'd rather say "thanks but no thanks" to inefficiency, interruptions, indecent
and pure lack of logical reason to accept that
no one in the pure events that occured recent-
have picked up their phones at 2 am
wiped my tears at 2:15
and rocked me to sleep at 2:30 with urgency
to get to the root of the problem and lay it in their hands
so surely, I'd have Jesus
than just a regular ol' man.
I'd rather have him. And if you compare (which there is no comparison)
the J on the chest to common folk with mortaility,
I would choose Heaven as my reality
because Hell closes in every day on Earth
and  surely my sins have followed me since birth.
Religion is not my forte, I would rather choose my spirituality
and I have no necessity for an edifice
where my Jesus is all around you, me and all of us-
I would be a fool not to bow my head, make way for the King,

I'd rather have Jesus
than any


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