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it started with a kiss.

the magnetic brush of skin
eclectic and euphoric magnetic
folds of lips encompassed in
shallow tongue swirling in
the this and that of
what annunciation  and mispronounced vowels
stuttered from the aftershock of what just
occurred. it started innocent. fresh and virgin white
clinging to dewy rain and barefoot sensations of
raw earth and untouched centers. what became more
than  the silken cherry burst with intricate feelings
reserved for magical lovers and the anonymity of
superiority of what shared becomes re-lived in
past memories re-told. it began sweet. the dulce
of the leche goodness frothed over from bubbling
temperatures rising to the core beads of sweat tickling
the inner folds and untouched regions upon the nape of
the neck crawling to the curvature of the spine enlongating
the time where your finger caresses the newness of what
what supposed to be clueless after-glowing of what i
told him he gave me. but he did not. this freshness/newness/effervescence
created within you. this began with the kiss. the touching of lips
the slight of eye that i adore the cologne filled scent that
skipped my beat from apprehension of opening that wooden door
to find you there before you even knocked, feel your presence and
touched lips begin
within that kiss
i let


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