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"I Adore Rain."

i adore rain.

somehow, it suits my soul when
the acoustic goodness splish and splashes
to this and that near my toes
and i excitably coerce my feelings
with the wet goodness from the window. perhaps
its the way that it feels. moist and new,
a metaphor for washing out all that negativity
that fills my soul and cleanses the dirt away
to allow the brightness shine through. how hypocritical for
those to say that they hate the rain. how shallow. how idiotic
is it not to fall in love with the weather for making love
when sheets are just as dewy as the condensation outside
and thunder synchronizes to hip moving rhythms. i adore rain.
love the ins and outs of its movements. how each drop is
reminiscent of a tear, puddled within mud caked upon grass
and fertilizing new growth where death just occurred. how sad and
intrinsic to not love the weather that brings life. just as sun alone
can endure rays filled with heat seeking missiles swimming beads
of sweat across one's brow and no one seeks relief-but pray for a
day of rain. i love life. love how the metaphorical wisdom shows its
cocoon in April showers and gives birth to butterflies in May flowers.
to see things bloom again, healthy...this is just me. so this rain. this sad,
sad, rain. this unusually bad rap that it receives-like a stigma of a disease,
i am writing you this love letter. letting you know that i love you and adore you.
that i love to make love with you hitting my window. that i love when you
grow things and wash things away. that i love when you match my feelings
on a bad day and then disappear and return right on time. to let you know
that i love how you feed me, how you run fluid in my veins and allow me
to drink you, mouth open swirling around on the concrete as a child
and how you made the woman of me. because without you, precious rain-
the sunny days will be filled with gloom.

i adore rain.


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