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I See Stupid People.

I strongly believe
that incompetence is in your genes.
Strongly irritated and highly agitated,
I must gather my strength past
monosyllabic words and increase my swearing
to about 1/3 of my verbal language as the idiocy
entails my environment and drives me over the edge.
i see stupid people.
moronic plethora's of ignorance
stacked with congratulations of reading
to the innocent and condemning me for using
"big words" while you continue to think that the
a simple thing as a tree is a verb.
hmm...must be a trend. A highly disguised passage of rites
as one conceals their synapses out of spite
and is it wrong of me to demand once in a while
that conversation is swayed more than sex, because substance is my style
drawn to not education but intelligence because even a dummy will know
that you can be street wise with wit and
come across with a swagger of intellect
and as empty vessels make the most noise (as MomMom used to say)
I have now taken upon her personality from what I understood in a way
oh, I hate stupid people. you morons, imbeciles, thickheaded obtuse
in the box thinking, witless, asinine goof
how can one boast their pride
about things which they do not know
and find it so hard to realize
if you don't know, fucking Google it is the way to go
Oh the common sense that is so uncommon
a rarity to see
I strongly believe
that incompetence is within your genes.



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