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"Lighter Load, Stronger Back"

What is a prayer not genuinely concealed
in blackened knees and salty tears
Aching backs and quivered voices
Hushed secrets and cheeks moistened.
What is a prayer not genuinely spoken
in shaken hymns and battle scare wounds
A thousand hail mary's and jesus-loves-me off tune
Seeking light when no one has a candle in sight
Finding comfort in dark, hushed corners become fetal positions
weakened from a fight.
What is prayer not genuinely given
in bible proverbs that memories have forgotten
new thoughts racing while old history has begotten
the sheer will and new testaments made
because surely growth endures what life has saved
and Jesus take this cross from me cause it
seems that it is mighty heavy and I would like a break for a moment
a rest in your hand-
surely there is nothing like a good old fashioned prayer
where you see only one set of footprints
in the sand.


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