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"Lights On"

i want to own you.

the dust collected upon time
swinging from crystal inflected prisms
swaying to the to and fro
of unorganized drafts from my home.

have your light burst

into a thousand reflections
giving naturalness to cheeks and brows
gathered under holiday dinners and special
get-togethers. i want to dismantle you
piece by piece
have your inner workings cleaned by
professional staff trained in
care and tenderness of golden arches and
mahogany woods, marble tile and
smooth floors. to have you would mark
my reign. the dictators success of
tireless nights forged with forgotten memories
unclaimed by eighty hour work weeks and
missed moments that were pivotal in my life. to have you,
i would give this up.

forget about the reverberating silence within
the home and acoustic walls filled with Bach
only to keep the pristine dog company. to have you
would mark my climb to the ladder; the descent too far
to see as the lonely ants below scatter to work for me. Those poor, poor
worker ants. troubled by the to and fro of productivity
what is selected as correct and acceptable only for me
to reject their quality as inevitable. because my taste is impeccable.
and i desire you. i want you. to hang
swinging from the wood bearing walls of my home
turning decrepit in time, cobwebs seeking
a hung environment to catch their fleeting prey.
metaphorically, my life. shambled chandelier hung
the trophy to which i start my day.

yet, i own you. 


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