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Upon lying with the King of Gods
I declared my gift of night
Nine single goddesses to share unique intelligences
While I revered in his magnificence with all my might
Should my refrain be an ode to Mnemosyne
Who shared the lover upon me
Or is the birth of a poetic stanza
The gift from creation that lies within me.
Surely, I shall not detail
The shape of the moon or the wink in his eye
As history tells it so eloquently
The more I share, the silence increases and I die
Will my epitaph be filled with soft memories
Perhaps a detailed note of Calliope
Will my sex be hidden in dance of Terpsichore
Or the lyric of sound to sing verse which I adore
Perhaps it is free verse in Thaleia
Astronomy in Urania
Iambic pentameter in Euterpe
Skilled onomatopoeia in Polyhymnia.
Epic tragedy in Melpomene
The syntax in composed literary history
Clio clinging to dates that compel mystery
Perhaps I will not know
Why Zeus made love to me
Born creation of muse detailed lovers
Although I go by the name Aphrodite.


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