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"That Other Side"

blades of green moisture
hit the dew
simultaneously enduring the tracked goodness
of un-heeled shoes. i venture. taking each step more
carefully than the next. the beaten path lays to the left,
but i chose the right. this right. this right that has
perfect patches of flowers moistened by last nights rain
and suspended dragonflies dance in the secret shade
of weeping willows.

i am here.

treading this new path.
of unequaled beauty compared to me. i am so intrigued
by the path that lies ahead of me i do not pay attention
to what lies before me. i stumble. somehow the green pastures
become murky waters and my feet are covered with not
sweet earth but dirty soil and i am irritated by my dirty
feet. but i continue. i continue to trek through what seems like
quicksand, evaporating moisture to what could have been
but does not become. because i am stuck. stuck between
cobwebs and frivolous vines that block my path.
i look in my pocket and find no compass, for i am lost.
this is not my environment, not my comfort zone,
not my envision of beauty.

perhaps, in another life i would've enjoyed
the slithering snakes, the poisonous spider dancing from its silken
thread, but i carry no anti-venom. purely susceptible to the
elements, i have no clothes to comfort me, no match to light the
wood for an SOS, no smoke signal to warn others
behind me. and no body is there. nobody is there.
and i am on my own

to the grass
that was greener on the other side.



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