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I have abandoned you.

Turned my shirtless back towards you 
and you have viewed my naked skin
graced upon sun-kissed residue 
Effortlessly encased within bundled veins and exhaled breaths
which you no longer form nonetheless
with me, you have died.

I mourn you.

I wipe tears with lotion filled tissues 
Face adorned with wrinkled skin and puffed eyes
Insomnia induced I walk the night
Sluggish bones piled upon creaking joints
Drip. Drop. Blurred vision now my sight.

I put religion on you.
Lyrical Hail Mary's, quiet prayers and 
Slow moving meditations of Buddhism. Challenged my
Spirituality to become my vocal ultimate reality
Dimensions formed as I wait for facets to challenge
the fractals of my inner prism. 

In death, I shall guarantee your resurrection. 

No more shameless black clothed to disguise pain
Adoring rain drops to mirror life not lived in vain
Velvet roses on a mahogany empty casket
Kicked dirt on stiletto hills observed next to memorial baskets.
Erase the lost moments, the sands of time
Hide the dominion of regrets and withered flowers
Sun cast to petals, regenerating  life gone in an hour
I will bring life back to you and share
the scent of my perfume on your pages
Silken writing tips on calligraphy scripts 

Awaken from slumber, my long last lover---with a kiss.


Ode to my fallen poetry and bullsh*t writers block. Hope you enjoyed. 

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