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"Told by God"

For every grain within the sand
that has turned with the flick of the wrist
there is a story to be told.
of the beautiful goodness that en-captures the minds of the
grieving ones left behind unfold
that will miss
all of you.
as God narrated simplistic sayings passed from generation to
generation touching you to thee;
surely I have gained knowledge from reading your life
as you have impacted me. And you were loved.
We could borrow time on the clock and arrange the hands
to go back and do it all again
to receive a smile and hear your voice
is to understand and comprehend the meaning of rejoice-
because you showed it. You boasted love proud in your chest,
filled with understanding and forgiveness,
grace and the epitome of being blessed.
God knows you were superhuman
surpassing the lines of ordinary and you were extraordinary
for compassion and
open arms encircling salty tears and
keen advice on not wasting God given years with
fragrant smells filled with food for growling tummies in the kitchen and
warm embraces for the hearts that needs fixing.
I was once told that a human life is a God-filled story;
memories shared, an hourglass emptied.
A beautiful life forever remembered-
as she enters into Heaven's Glory.

RIP  Aunt Marg'-you gave so much to so many; we never know the full impact and full love of someone until its absence. May we always remember you, just the way that you are-open to love, open to share, open to care. You will be missed. <3

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