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"Dependency of We"

A slow syringe dances in my vein
Euphoric contents unmeasurable in CC's and 
needle pushing administration held in disdain.
You are my addiction.
My glazed eyes and pupils bright
Dilated and fixated on skin taught, which I must fight.
the sweet temptation I dare to kiss the nape of your neck
The ridges of muscular pathways to the happy trail and I lick
to make wet. Who can justify the slavery in which you 
captivate me
Addiction knows knows my name
And I respond with undesirable boundaries
as you are my dependency-and

You are the definition
Of what love means
Paradise in my eyes
You make me forget about the others before you
You’re a state of honesty
While I was living in a city of lies
We exist in a bubble
Every time we’re together
Nothing bigger than this moment we share
As the world is crashing down
I am not worried I have you…honored to breathe in the same air

The oxygen in my nostrils flowing to my brain
Cells to the blood pumping, addiction calls me by my governmental my name
Clinging on to the mere capability of you
Knowing that even your possibilities hold an end, but my mind does not share
this clue. For hopelessly entangled in a web full of lies
I hold the psychological dependence on pleasure and enjoyment on my high
Scoring hallucinogenic kisses and inhalant embraces
Fixating on the compulsive desires of broken sleep and cold bedsheets
and I, stuck with numbness around me
No warmth in solitary high thread count covers
I call my name to an imaginary lover-

And I still crave you.

As I make broad strokes with my paint brush
Upon your canvas
Come in rapid successions
Hours turn into seconds
Long lasting
Two loving souls
But not in a violent sense
Here we are
You and I
And future tense  

While this slow syringe dances in my veins
Clearly the definition of me
Continuous cataclysmic craving of my addiction to you
Glazed eyes heavily
Wishing for one more hit
of us momentarily unified as one
to simply be dependence free psychologically
and forever be released of

-Steve Logan 

Shout out and much love to Steve, aka Poetic_ID on Twitter. This is a collaboration poem, stanza for stanza to add show the dimensions of addiction of love, from a woman's (me)  and man's (Steve's) view. I strongly believe that love can be addictive, but in the view of  gender, the perspective of addiction can be quite different or even very similar in subject matter. Thank you for your insight, words and wisdom, Steve. To read more of Poetic_ID 's poetry, visit and follow his blogger at Will Write For Food

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