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I heard you say my name.

last night
a pregnant moon hidden from shaded blinds 
eyes frozen from auditory hallucinations 
and it was you. I recollect
tiny sparkles sprinkling in my ear
a luminary shadow from the peeked
tides gravitating toward you
and I could feel your breath
a past memory from cold windows
and warm perspiration
huffed on a glass, shadowed by a finger and 
swirled into two opposing curves
that create a heart figure.
because two become one, if I stand corrected
or the absolute truth defines circular thinking
let him go, set him free
if he is truly in love,
he will come back to thee.

Simplistic notions.

Simply not an ocean
we are divided across time and space
a continuum that supersedes time zones and
past lives sudden truths and hidden lies.
i would recollect another memory
but I'm sure that it was not meant to be.

You keep coming.
space within me. I shove back a dream
swirl it into a nightmare, paint pretty little demonic
tails on sugar coated reveries. 
I can still hear you.
Tone, desperate.
Inflection, emphasis.
you were here.

Goose pimples touched this and that
of me
an electrifying soul gravitation
of how two souls dissipate and recreate the space which separates
another dimension of subconscious.
you hold me there.
command my name.
say it softly,
say it again,
reach it tight,
reach it low
hear me soft,
hear me moan and I am
unequivocally unimaginably undetermined to be
captivated by you.
This will only happen once in a lifetime,
this event-
under this full moon.
I once wished upon a shooting star.
Irrelevant of the desire to have a heart
for a moment's content. I held on tight, never letting go of
the swift breeze and honeydew swirling off the blades of grass
when I thought of the future you. And you came back.

to me

Reentered what 
was dominion free.

if only i could close my eyes again,
i would see that this is just

I heard you say my name.


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