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I want to be your disruption.
Your inner breathing of how you challenged natural selection
The decision to hone in upon undefined chaos and internal stimuli.
I am your squiggly lines on acid free paper
Brainstorms in thunder and rain
Freezing cold hail dropped on a desert reserved for miraculous sustenance.
I want to be within you, as you.
I want to ripple your waves and have the this and that of you
stir up as a complicated recipe where grams are immeasurable and teaspoons
come to the lips as a sweet indulgence of a kiss.
I want to be your disruption.
I want to eject the stillness of your enraged spirit
cast fire on the doused flames and be your Phoenix rising. I want
to dwell within you. I like how the hands of you move from tingles
and electric buzz to raise goosebumps within a simplistic fuss.
I am your confusion. Your hues of shades discolored from the past
and penciled outside the lines with broad brush strokes. Have your
ink dwell within my pen and your lines of cursive touch the letters of another.
I dare to be your awakening. Your sweet aroma in a cup
tingling the caffeine-bated drip drop drip of creaminess
and silkiness binded by
a sip of everything that this
can be.
should be.
ought to be.
defined by me.
I am your disruption. I love the way you breathe in my ear
and capture an imaginary asthmatic attack, shallowed breathing
covering the air in night blankets,
reserved for the warmth that wraps on my bones.
Your impulse. Your sensory organs scream in delight
Fighting tranquilizing thoughts of endorphins, rushing over you
in galloping stampedes.
I am your pace,
your gait,
your stride,
your walk
The opiate designed chemically for an imbalance,
The brain's stimulus for nothing but us,
Your everything that negates you to be.
I want to be your disruption,
The panic that sets you

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