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Define:Love, Verb.

I have an idea why
the title of love is used in vain
why its pain is simplistic in theory
why its suffering is individualistic in its weary
why its repetitive word is more than four letters
why its physiological effects can make you wetter
why its facial features change depending on the weather
why its emotional wounds cut the relationships it severs
why its idealistic principles captivates even the intelligent mind
why its stupidity reigns abundance and is re-lived time after time
why its moment is sweet, its length of stay welcome
why its lack of judgement is poor, its comparison to war is more than seldom
why its entitlement is to many, but few grab the chance
why its a difference between sex, and hardly not disguised as romance
why its songs are plentiful, its blues come easy
why its toasts to the lips carrying wishes of heavenly bliss make some queasy
why its Corinthians 1, Chapter 13 is the definitive notion
why some sprinkle eye of newt and feather of chicken for its elixir potion
why its tears are liquefied, its soul jellified, its heart purified
why its the embrace of one as shoulders are tissues as we cry
why its in different forms and holds a path to show you the way
why its a moment or a lifetime,
why it
can never

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