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It's nighttime.
The crisp, cool air beckons me
and all of a sudden I want to go for a little drive.
Bambino's up
and its past his bedtime.
No worries, its not a commonality
to take our child past a certain hour
where we can be judged by Dr. Spock comparison driven mothers.
So we open the door, and the slight breeze hits us.
Its absolutely beautiful.
I see a pregnant moon
Its off eggshell crater face
smiling at me.
No clouds in sight
to hinder a luminescent tidal wave
in another part of the world.
He points up
He jumps
He laughs.
Pushing his arm forward, he grabs an invisible force
His tiny fingers extracting a woosh of excitement
and says, "It's too far! I can't reach it!"
as his eyes hold the reflection
of stars.


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