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I love it that you're gone.

I love the long winded absence of silence
how two nothings became more than nothing but
a pretend speech that was never spoken.

I adore that you're gone.

I adore how the seat is unfulfilled in momentary memories
now a nightmarish calamity of how a relationship
was never meant to be.

I romanticize now that you're gone.

I romanticize in warm touches and human embraces
Fit for a body quenched in the desire of thirst
where kisses are indulgent upon this idealistic notion.

I am deliciously exuberant now that you're gone.

I'm happy because I'm happy. I'm happy that
A smile is upon my glamorous mouth and my teeth
are showing their pearly whites to someone else.

I'm glad that you're gone.
I'm glad that you're not here.
I'm glad that you're absent

But not out of my mind.

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