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I Wonder...

I wonder if he loves me.
He uses that word
i mean, that word as a verb and
I wonder if it satisfies him
as I know it would. Can I be that
lick upon your lips when you think
of me at the wee hours in the morning
and she says your name
under hushed covers and warm
can I be that
wonderment that is the excitement
in which you kiss
this and that of this
and I am just another
indulgence in which
sweetness is me?
I wonder if he loves me.
He uses that word
I mean, that word as sweet and
says that I am that pucker in his mouth
that utters blissful secretions and
when he sucks me dry I am the lollipop
which hits the stick and I melt
liquefied in what he magnetized
come to me
he says
come unto me
he whispers
come into me
he yells
and I am this and that
of his and
I am an indulgence
in which
he permeates
unto his lips.
I wonder if he loves me.
He uses that word
once or twice to me
but we all know love is a verb
and verbally
he speaks action
into love making.
I wonder if he

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