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Luv Letter to You.

Do You Like Me?


YES         or          NO

and meet me by the slide. The one next to the
monkey bars, but not the one next to the swings.
You know,
the big one.
I have something to give you.
I know you don't like surprises,
so I'll just tell you. Its a dandelion.
My Pops said they're just a weed,
but I think this flower would look pretty in your hair.
I'll wait for you. Wait here for 10 minutes if I have to. I know
its a long time, but good things come to those that wait? Well, my
MomMom said that a watched pot never boils,
so I think she's talking
about me watching a clock but I don't know why a clock would be hot.
You know.
Not spicy. But from the heat.
It is warm out here today.
Listen, are you still reading this?
Why don't you just come and give me the answer already.
I'm going to miss the bus
and its a long walk home
When the answer

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