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Promises of an Empty Return


"This goes out to you...and you...and you..."

Hey you
Please hush the fuck up.
Let me explain why
your mediocre monotonicity meanderings
prolifically flow throughout the entire region. How your
ratchedness has begun to systematically attack this
entire generation into writing backwards this and number 3's as "e"s and
how your mouth is a ticking time bomb which I sympathize with. Let me explain
how your Neanderthal comeuppance is nothing quicker than making it rain
how you met in a club and how you rolling on Dubs'
how your conversation is shorter than the stack of bills your holding
how the gap between your legs should be gently folding
Into the makings of a woman
That attracts the likeness of man
How he should respect thee by not addressing you as a female
How hard dick is not a quick sell
How sweet nothings without sour truths begets lies
How your worth is more than hips and thighs.

Let me explain.

Explain how there is such a phenomena as homonyms
how learning English is better than your new pair of Tim's
how a trending topic on Twitter shouldn't be a stereotype
How different children of multiple father's isn't a good sight.
Let me tell you
Let me...reach into your delusions of grandeur
Cut you with my tongue and tell you that less is more
Exposed skin is only leading to a drooling mouth
Intellect can't find a way in fellatio heading down south
Birds migrate and walk in flocks
Pigeons drop shit on concrete floors
There is no make over tests in the past where walls display clocks.

Let me tell you.

let me
Bottle up your worth, sell it to you in a hope and a dream
Let you flash a smile and be a photographer's nightmare
For the typical picture near the bathroom sink
Let me give you some change so you can dance a little strange
Have the glitter of the matter exposed in diamond rings
Absent on ring finger, mind gone of where
True gold paves the way where angels sing.
Let me tell you that
empty vessels make the most noise
that you scream ignorance
and whisper intellectual joys
that your experience is glorified in a hood mentality
that your wisdom is pacified in your all too familiar commonality.

Let me school you.

Let me put you on to something that's called nouns, adjectives, and verbs
Let me teach you that all these letters represent you in the form of words
that your tongue can cut, your words can heal
that your presence is known, even if you never near.
Let me explain.
Let me reach your deaf ears and diseased eyes
Life is more than a fuck, more than a sweet hello and a sad goodbye
That you live in the moment without thinking of the future
That your nonchalance puts a Band-Aid on what needs surgery and sutures.

Let me show you
Teach You
School You
Uplift You
Gratify You
Surprise You
Hypnotize You
Sympathize With You
all of this, that I know
To spare you the heartache
That lays in your ultimate sorrow.

Challenge only the nothingness within you,
Someday you have to learn-
You get only what you give to the universe

Promises of an empty return.

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