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Erogenous in
velvety soft pillows encased
beyond cotton fiberfill, goose down and satiny smoothness
We have become
moist temperatures and visual regions adjusting
the wind of breath and invisible molecules
fresh skin tones exhaled over human dew.


touch with my finger. a photograph snapped in a secret place
its development underlining elements of exposure
wiping excess sweat of indulgence that bent
broken backs and contortionist moves
hushed voices in closed spaces
silence approved.

I am within you.

the sixth sense mirror a of
shadowboxing on the wall. Moving tastefully
and gracefully by a dim lit candle. we are the producers of this scene
act one/ line three
Quiet on the set


on this event which now clouds my regional movements
zones defined and hidden
you the cartographer drawing mountains and dimples of shapes
with the brush stroke of your tongue over and over
Territories marked and proclaimed by others that no longer
hold the conquest. May I scream my Creator's name
Or nickname you Magellan


i am your muse. you are mine.
we struggle finding nouns, adjectives, and verbs
descriptions of
syntax in rhyme. Nerve endings and body shapes
The grey area of anatomy that dismiss black and white theories
Symptoms of unpronounced love. You denounce thee
Douse me
a fireman's siren to a ember that caught a spark.

Your eyes reach me
as we
shadow dance
in the dark.

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  1. I love this poem it has really good metaphors and word play that I love in rhymes and poetry!!!


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