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Uniquely Common

I am a simple face
in a sea of the crowd
Its ocean deep
not necessarily still,
its ripples a disruption
to the ordinary me.

I am just me.

A little bit of this,
A little bit of that.
Sprinkle of some sugar
Spoonful of lemon juice
Glaze of two cakes.
I don't define what is commonality. In other words
Who can compare to me? My uniqueness
is just like any other's
which creates the strong sense
that we are all alike in the long run.
run of the mill,
desperate for attention
to separate us from the
ravenous pack of wolves, its teeth abundant in

I am a simple face

a little mouth
a little eyes
a little nose

a little
bit of surprise
in an ocean that engulfs
all of us.

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