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Dare Not

It's cold outside
but I dare not pull fabric around me
to guard against the icy wind
my only heat source
a lit cigarette in full bloom
turned grey from ashes
its red glare fading against
the winter solstice.
Commemorative, actually
a tobacco laced with chemicals
stick pulled to its knees
a symbolic ode
to the bullshit
laced with roses that is disguised as life.

I defy it.

Dare each sucking moment of a billowing puff
to choke me. This. The only thing that
warms just the tip of my finger
while the rest of my body goes numb.
I never really understood
how the largest organ of the body
has survived. Internal stress
exuding permanent madness
flaking skin to match
the air of the tear which fell on my cheek
just moments ago.

More air comes.

And I take it.

even the atmosphere has no limits.
The air is cold,
but I am colder
and it ain't no use
of arguing
with the wind.


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