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A Note About Nothing. Or Something.

I've been gone for a while. Yeah...its like that sometimes.

I was just two poems shy of the #30in30 challenge. Wanted to conquer this goal, but it was just within my reach. I would have liked to do this, but I just couldn't. I fell ill during the month of April, and just didn't have it in me. During this period of time though, I did explore the many facets of poetry and then began to fall in love with it over and over again. That's what love is. You think you neglect it, and it was there all along. And its so beautiful, and new, and wonderful when you find something you haven't discovered within it before. That's what love is to me. Love is poetry.

During the month of May I was getting a lot things together. Finally moved the first week of June, and I am now happy where I am at. I hope that happiness stays with me. I always want peace in my environment. Sometimes its hard to have that peace when you crave other things, want the this and that of your life aligned so perfectly. Its perfectly a mess-and I would love to have it another way. Its in my reach, but I just can't grab it.

Got a lot of people giving me unsolicited advice, but then again, everyone will when you tell them that you're not feeling so hot. Everyone's a guru. Everyone wants to have that quote or phrase that shakes your soul and you will have to thank them everlasting for something that they will never do. Pull you up by the bootstraps. Only I have the ability to do so when there is so much going on in my life that even prevents me from doing things which I want to do. To live the way I want to live. To be the Beverly I want to be. Can't even cry in peace if I wanted to. Would have some people questioning why, while others not even caring. Tears are wasted. Tears seem to only be a momentary outlet in a wasted span of years. Wasted years, wasted tears as they say.

Well, while I wait for patience to give me strength, I have some stories to tell in the meantime.

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