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Your kiss

made me experience advanced linguistics.
Crossed the line and enticed the spiritual
reminisce in the swirl of the tongue,
delight of a dance,
moment of endangerment.
I recite unknown adjectives and strange dialect
Secret musings and told reverence.
and I dare you. Dare you to re-enter
the atmosphere summoned by the gods
between a vibration of tongue
and surrendered indulgence.
Wave a white flag,
lick my lips and set me free
I am a prisoner to  your

I remember.
Your oratory storytelling of electrical sparks
pulsing veins re-charging nerves and tendons
Where muscled neuropathy left feelings
in the dark
Wakening from the emotional comatose state
Relying on time to
our little dance on fate.

I dare you to remember. Dare you to
come into my world and brave the dusty soil
Thirsty earth and shallow oceans.
Be my cartographers dream
walk through foothills and valleys unknown
draw new lines in the regions of my thighs
scale the longitude in the orbs of my eyes.
Point north into twin peaks
Down south into the wetness of your dreams.
Re-enter into
the definition of me
Set your tongue on fire
Ripple and

I adore how
Your kiss
made me experience advanced linguistics
Your mouth screaming everything in silence
muted words in knowing eyes
Rapid breathing and pulsated replies
and I dare you.
Dare you to re-enter the pure pandemonium of a parallel universe
where everything is sweet for a moment,
the honey is dripping from every orifice
the buzz comes alive in the connection of lips
Your kiss.

Do you remember?

That your re-entered me,
Shaped and shifted me
Glorified me on a pedestal and lifted me
Loved me and suckled me,
Shared your deepest moments with me
Held me and elevated me
Cared and dared me
and I challenge you all the same
To kiss me
that way again.

For that moment. This.
My secret moment and told reverence-
Have you walk in and sensuality oozes from thee
and in this very moment,
all I want
is to
have your lips upon mine
and kiss


For you. I know you think I forgot to write a poem for you; I didn't.

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