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he must be a god.

Exhume him as a cartographers secret fetish
twisting lines and deep curvatures as
mountains stretch forth east and west. Ripples and valleys more.
Much...much more.

i am his center.

Enveloped in the sweet moisture of his breath
fuzzy memory of auditory beckoning shadow his reign over me.
the unlike cliche of deep sound  where it meets vocal command
even the whisper of him makes me listen.
I hear him. Mouth and lips more.
I listen.
Cadence becomes undocumented synchronicity the mere
parallel universe where I once escaped from emotional purgatory. Could you imagine a yell?
His raising of octaves would command oceans to part and separate the seas from the
salt of the earth, counting grains to become glass struck down from the result of the Heavens
a faint sound to open ears.
He's calling-
and I come.
No hesitance. No second thought or momentary lapse of indecision.
He is so much more.

he exists as truth,
and I am his philosopher.
Dare I ponder this creation.

Skin unscathed by battle wounds and fallacious marks of immortality
he is beautiful. Cells and glands forming the elastic bands
of skin, i dare to touch him
and feel him. Flesh and veins more. I stroke him.
Liquidity becomes exchangeable morphing the simple
gesture of two as one and math doesn't matter in the state of mind that I'm in.
I hear something like e=mc^2 in the background. His mass producing energy, too much energy in this speed of light
Who cares about the logistics,
the scientific explanation of this.
His towering height a conquest of dominance

Branching onwards and upwards, roots burrowing in my infrastructure.

The mere electricity thumps between two synapses and create contact in an overstatement. Could you imagine a walk? His foot steps of imprinted power would shake the earth in violent tremors and become plate tectonics in the middle of the planet.
He forms new continents.
Gives me a lesson in geography.
Shows me the undiscovered regions on brown earth
the power of gravity,
the stillness of weightlessness.
and I want to explore him.
I want to be the polarity in which he balances me,
the axis and mutual attractiveness in the bindings that a body creates.

he is a god.

Limbs compass north to south. No compass necessary. Muscles and tendons more.

So much more.
so much


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