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I want you in me. As me.

I want to know all about you. Discover a little
egocentricity and possible falsities that
lie deep and are undiscovered underneath. I want to ripple your wave
be the shadow replica of the movement in which
draws your orifice into being. I want to explore you.
Be the origin as navel (0,0)
go across undiscovered planes and rudimentary
shape shifting.
You are beautiful. And I want to trace you.
Draw little lines with my finger
where ink hits upon warm skin
supple fat and coarse stubble from 5 after 5
ante meridiem. I want to be your sunset.
Force the colors across cumulus clouds and earth shattering
hailstorms. Be the west end of equinox and its flaming orange and red
bursting a fireball within you,
as you.
You are my truth. My beginning, and my end.
You are the simplistic of words and the complexity of Babel,
scattered tongues that all equate the same meaning. And I adore you.
Want to sit front and center as your student
Where chalked lines become patterns of discernment. Repeat vowels
and consonants that others have fell short of. Ooohs and Ahhs becoming
much more than the cliche over thought choice for stumbling thoughts.
Yes and Yes becoming more than affirmation.
I want to know all about you.
Discover you.
Understand you.

Because I love you.

          And  In you,
I am you.


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