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Birds Eye View

I am more than what meets the eye.
Soul deep and waters instilled form a ripple of a wave,
 thrashing into the abyss like brain stems
enter cerebellum
exit clever calculable characteristics
and into Chuck Taylor's
jeans and a tee
more than denim and sneakers
more than poetic meanderings.

I am more than what meets the eye
Spiritual newness and cultural edifice
pounding life after death and life into death like
not holier than though loveliness

I am more than meets the eye.

Dare to see?

Dare to capture and captive me?
Dare to look beyond skin color
and ethnicity?
Dare to
become less stereotypes and more of my type
where lines shift into invisibility?

I am more than meets the eye.

Poem 24 of 30


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