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Silly little girl.

She announced that her heart was on her sleeve
bleeding red and pink
smothered in satin hues tie dyed and worn
as if the display had to be for the whole world
to adorn.

Silly little girl

that played to and fro with the mere simplicity
caring nothing of exposure, foreign objects and 
bacterial disease
scraping off bits from the venture of going to places a to z
she carries her raggedy  old heart for the whole world
to see

Silly little girl

wanted to announce that it was there for sharing
made beautiful again by ribbons and bows for delicate hands that holds no caring. 
Robust by squeezing
life again with hardly any feeling
drums held in sync for the whole world 
in beating

Silly little girl

said she did not longer care for a soul mate
signed papers for her physician ordering
do not resuscitate
head held high, blood stain on her arm
she felt the strain for the whole world
to do harm

She said

Here is my heart.
Go ahead, take it.
See if I care
If you suddenly break it.
I gave to the best
I gave to the worst
I had my life feel so beautifully good
But I have always felt cursed
Why would someone give me something so precious
That I have to hide from the world?
You see, you can buy fine China,
You can purchase fine pearls
But what's the use to have it all
Let you know its alive
To suddenly grow and boast with brilliance
Let it perish, and slowly die?

Silly little girl

heart on her sleeve
If she had any sense
She would have just let it be. 

Poem 1 of 30, 2012.

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