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Lascivious Layers

Stay a little while longer, he would say
Each breath closer to the nape of my neck
Fingers move more in on the grounds before play
Erogenous, the zones in which he dares to trek

Come a little closer, he simply wishes
Movements inching across broad horizons
Suddenly, a captive to warm kisses
Unable to move from what sleek cautions

Relax a little more, he softly commands
Detangling nerve muscle and tendons gripped in stress
Rub softer and deeper in skilled mahogany hands
Lift a shirt here, unbutton there...Monotonous undress.

In eyes that saw me so beautifully and divinely clothed,
His only desire to see another check mark disrobed.

Poem 21 of 30
A Shakespearean Sonnet. 
Fixed form of 3 quatrains, 1 couplet with abab, cdcd, efef gg.


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