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Sweet temptation
is nothing more than
desiring gifts of cake
and eating it too.
Wasted years , Wasted Tears
a  constant reminder that 
love chooses you
stupid Cupid.

A grave is nothing 
but a box filled of bones
begging to enter again
into history. 

A fool twice
believes the first tale
and secretly hopes
for another ending.

They sure do talk
don't they?  when all 
is jibber jabber
from the same source.

God is 
simply because He
exists, and all others
fail in comparison.

I always pity
the flowery language
that Poets use
which never bloom on paper.

Poem 26 of 30.
(although this is many poems, I'm just counting it as one for the challenge.)
A series of 7 Naani.  Each naani is an individual poem. This fixed form of Indian Poetry has 20-25 syllables of 4 lines with no rhyme scheme, and is an "expression" for one and all; a complete thought. 


  1. Love them. I really like #1 and #2, and #7...nice writes!!


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