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You bridged over troubled waters
Allowing the broken wood under my
naked feet to move and sway but never break.

I wonder what holds us up. Even in splintered feet

and clanking of pressure, it holds the sweet smell of
bloated wood after a fresh rain. 

I was told to open my eyes exposed to Heavenly skies
in the eye of the storm within the bare soul that is mine
and I walked.
With trepidation
 and pure Elation
all wrapped in the pouring rainsthe lightning overhead
the hailing winds.

I wonder what's in this shield. Past a pure arc of 
umbrella'd love, repelling drip drops of 
moving rain, skidding off of man made fibers. 

Comfort rest assured.

the pure blanketof which I shiver forto crave that heartbeat againstmy skin encased within the strong linenthat is your arms.

I wonder how your fibers made fabric. Strong enough to
hold me. Encase me. Enrapture me into limbs that spread
east and west, a horizon moving upward to the 
brilliance of you. How do you move this way? 
How do you
become the human fragility of mortality
yet become the ever-living and everlasting one,
always there beyond realms and tangible objects? And I love this.
Love how you close the gap
on spaces where voids fill 
and shadows lie in screaming hills
and whirlwind valleys, bones telling the tale
of others that did not make it past this barren desert.

I move. again. and again
each foot in front of the other.
one step. two step. 12 feet. One mile.
finding the bridge between you and I. 

You bridged over troubled waters
Allowing the broken wood under my
naked feet to move and sway
but never break.

30 of 30, April 2012 in #30in30


  1. Amazing! This is excellent poetry. One of my favorites of your poems, out the great many that you've written Beverly! Bravo Miss Rivera!

  2. This is really beautiful. I appreciate the imagery and thought provoking sentiments. Thank you!

  3. This is a good poetry I think, actually very beautiful.

    - M.


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