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you don't ever need to cry for me
souls empty where tears will begin
numbness has its fixation
lone in sweet sedation.
warmth is familiar
in sad goodbyes
and hellos
told in

Poem 3 of 30, 2012
A Nonet.


  1. Wow, this is beautiful, Beverly.
    I like the structure of this as well -- the lines getting progressively shorter.
    Is it a defined format?

  2. simple. quaint, yet elegant in its own way.

  3. Thank you all! This is a nonet, a fixed form. The subject matter can be of anything you'd like, but it has 9 lines, each line has its respective amount of syllables counting down to end in one.

    Line 1 = 9 syllables
    Line 2 = 8 syllables
    Line 3 = 7 syllables
    and so on. It's usage is also found in classical music as well.


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