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All of time and space,
Compacted in Pantone 2955C
Hidden corridors and secret spaces
Blanketing stars and the dimension of galaxies.
Take me there, my sweet wooden box
Lets run among danger and fantasy
Land on soils of earth and discover
The language of rewritten history.
I want to say hello to her.
Hello, sweet girl. For you,
I will pause a breath in rewind
or pinpoint an area of fixed time
Open the blackness that was ugly in despair
Show you the future in a blue box
And tell you to take care. Cause we'll run
Won't we run, my ancient and new lord of time?
Spark a newness in souls
And see beauty redefined
For all of time and space
You point to the sky and say choose one
And beyond all the eyes can see
Supernovas explode
For the journey has just begun---
My little blue box
As I'm given the silver key.


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