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He Always Made Me Feel Beautiful.

He always made me feel beautiful. 

It was his eyes. Always his eyes. 
The way they moved, shaped around the room from
Here to there. Concrete slabs to distal frames and then carbon based flesh
Unpeeled like the the forbidden fruit that I wasn't
but liked to be.
The thrill is in the chase
Never the capture
But you knew you had me every time, didn't you?
Rhetoric lies in hidden thighs
And shapely fingers wanting to grasp them.
The longing. Always in the longing. The desire to be touched.
Felt. Needed. Adored. Every breath more
Heavier than the next, 
Exhaustive of its whim and pure muse.

You made me feel so beautiful

That even in warped hair where slumbered dreams seemed
To find you and me together in reverie
T-shirts surpassed mini skirts and 
Pheromones replace perfumes in 
Which we inhale and consume each other bit by bit
Kiss by kiss
Lick by lick

And you

Just you
Make make feel so absolutely beautiful. I could stare at you forever. 
Watch you stare at me. Catch you glimpse at me, the everlasting genuine feeling
Of unnoticed moments of stolen glances. 
It will never tire. Your eyes. Always looking for something wonderful

Forever making me feel



For you.

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