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Writing Prompts: Get the Pen Moving.

Writing Prompts: A Month's Worth of Prompts.

Flash Fictionists, journaling peeps, writers, bloggers, poets, authors, and all in between-it's time to get the creativity flowing. 


1. Write a poem about about the silence of night, in the voice of a moon.
2. Journal about the image staring back at you in the mirror, and what it really means to you. 
3. Imagine yourself as a cartoon, and depict a silly situation, or animated movements. 
4. Write a poem about the longevity of the mere act of death itself, and if there is a transition to another realm. 
5. Picture yourself with your favorite painter, witnessing the historic moment which they make your favorite masterpiece. 
6. Write the intricacies of dance. 
7. Create a palindrome. 
8. Write a poem as a postcard, recollecting a memory. 
9. Create a found poem from not your favorite poets-but least favorite. 
10. Write about your favorite photograph.
11. Experiment with time travel and go to a place with The Doctor. 
12. Consider a classic story, and create a remake of sorts with different characters and a spin. 
13. Play with a fear. Exhaust every single anxiety, and face it, until it becomes minuscule in nature. Make your fear small.
14. Write a silly poem. Create words, focus on word play, become a kid at heart. 15. Write about a dream. Explore the fantasy, the reality, the dimensions.
16. Write a poem or letter to self to avoid your biggest regret.
17. Write a lullaby addressed to the night, and you are the moon.
18. Become a lock in Paris initialized, next to others sharing your stories.
19. First person perspective if you were cancer, or debilitating illness.
20. Write about the last time you were kissed so well your knees quivered. 
21. Write a palindrome. Don't forget the turning point. 
22. Become a moment lived backwards, or in the wrong order. 
23. Narrate your own funeral. Doesn't even have to be morbid. 
24. Be silly. Create a word and use alliteration, onomatopoeia, and other sounds, to be your own Seuss.
25. Pick your favorite photo and erase it in time. Change people, dates, and include what ifs. Make a different timeline. 
26. Become a character of your favorite book, with a twist.
27. Explore a diamanté poem.
28. Prose. Long form, sentences, full of description.
29. Become an item, dusty on a shelf from it no longer having value. Become personification.
30. Create six word stories.
Bonus* Take 10 seconds to study your surroundings, and immediately write a couplet. 


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