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Death To The Selfie

Death to the selfie.

The self imposed zombies 
Bumping into walls from
tablets and cellies
Enter belly of the beast
Nuisance Technology.
The one word responses 
The constant scrolling tours
The apps glorified open
The texts with binary whores.
The rate system on book of face
Give me a number,
Direct message me for gratification of a taste.
Men posing harder than females for double taps
Click here
Hips here
Mirrors flash.
Hashtag wars in 140
Followers only Internet famous for conformity
Must check the post
The tag
The alert
The comment
The response
Ring a ding ding
Look at my bling
I can finance
A brand new cell phone. 
Fuck all other in MySpace
This is my space
Head down
See the top of my crown
Keyboard tap
If I call before I text they mad. Simple "k"
Is okay. Acronyms become decoder rings, we 
Become secret agents in labyrinth strings 
Twisted and curled in a network bound of 
Google and Siri, Bing, and remember that
Dial up thing?
You've got mail!
Yeah. But anyway,
Death to the selfie.
Death to the Instagram hoe pics,
The trolls lurking in bridges under forums,
The bathroom shots
Boob pics,
And ass shots,
Because give us something more 
Perhaps food for thought?
Death to the selfie.


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