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Hey...Even Lewis Carroll Scrapbooked. Who Knew?

Scrap booking is nothing new, and not left to the sticker and ribbon holding enthusiasts bound to Wednesday Joanne's sales. Enter Charles Lutwidge Dodgson-or as we all follow the white rabbit, Lewis Carroll. Born in England in 1832, he began his life crunching numbers in mathematics. He also was a deacon, enjoyed photography and poetry as well. Writing stories for children, he entertained a young girl named Alice and interpreted her dream into the book Alice in Wonderland which by 1932 was the most popular book in the world.

Carroll's Scrapbook

Carroll enjoyed to keep his memories in a book- a beautiful scrapbook. Today it is housed in the United States Library of Congress (LoC). The book holds approximately 130 items of newspaper clippings, photographs, manuscripts, and Carroll's personal penmanship. It is ordered in proper context, collected between 1885-1872. The LoC has digitized the collection to make the resources available to those that wish to see them, and the rare book is absolutely stunning.


Bradshaw. A mystery. Newspaper clipping.

List of items: Handwritten.

Visit the Library of Congress today to see what you're missing. Those remarkable archives await you.


Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Washington, D.C. 20540


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