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i have cried in the veil of darkness.

no one hears me here. i am sure to be quiet. crumpled tissues hushed in fuzzy sweaters, comfort envy only known to skin. closed doors are quiet locks. click. turn. remain steadfast in will. you are almost there. I've known smiles once upon a time in dusty books laid upon scripted journals in fancy ink when vitality was more desired than finality. so i sit. and they roll down my face, beckoning to be wiped. i am defiant in the cause. my hand refuses to leave my side. 



and I hear small feet buzzing around on warm carpet, voice booming he is a superhero. behind closed doors, I feel a rush of a cape donned from a blanket around shoulders more bigger than mine.

so i wipe my face. sip water. say a little prayer.


Dedicated to all those living in chronic pain. Now As a U.S. Pain Foundation Ambassador, I am advocating and bringing awareness. I share my story. Please follow along with me on Twitter for updates as well.  

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