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#BookSpine365 : Explore my Bookshelf, One Shelf at a Time.

Day One in #BookSpine365.

I always wanted to hold my myself accountable for writing daily even when I didn't want to; sans the aches and illness of chronic pain and the undeniable proof that writers block does exist. A new year brings on a fresh calendar, and I would like to bring in a new meme for my literary blog and hashtag which I created: #Bookspine365. Here's the deal-I'm a complete bibliophile. Everyone knows this. I read books. Talk about books. Read book reviews, smell books, and enjoy audio and ebooks. For me, the world of literature takes me into another realm which I adore. Withing gazing upon a book, my mind can be without restrictions and limitations. Any and everything is possible when characters lift off the pages into your brain and your heartbeat skips when a plot is deviously replaced by something out of the box and out of this galaxy. Words do more than communicate; words can uplift you and tear you down all in the  same sentence whereas books bring that out.

So I started collecting books many years ago.

Purchased a Kindle. It's pictured here, third shelf in crocheted sleeve. I have one of the older models, a Kindle keyboard free wifi 3G. I need to update my Shelfari account, but that really takes quite a while. Currently on my bookshelf as pictured, I have at least a few hundred, and on my Kindle hundreds more. So I will do a mix of both ebooks and physical copies if need be. There are books buried behind books which aren't seen because (guess what?) they have to fit in there somewhere. Somehow. Books on top of books. Books behind books. Books in front of books. First shelf? Whoa. Just noticed its kinda buckling under the weight. Must do something about that, although I'm no handyman. 

So, everyday I will bring you a piece of me. One book-a love of my life, straight from my shelf. Please click on the hashtag #BookSpine365 to follow along. I will also share my updates via Twitter and Google+. I will leave the picture public on my Flickr acct and Pinterest as well, for those who enjoy bibliomania goodness. 

Look at that. It's already the 5th. Time to play ketchup. 

Keep those eyes reading,


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