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Day 10 Audiobook: "Whodunnit? Murder in Mystery Manor" by Anthony Zuiker

Day 10 of #BookSpine365

So today I want to do something a little different: an ebook. Sitting on my third shelf from the top in a crochet sleeve lays an Amazon Kindle 3G keyboard. Beautiful e-ink. Easy on the eyes. I can do so many neat tricks with it, I even wrote a post a while ago on Google+, although there is probably much more to be added to that list now. If you want to have the battle against e-ink and real, tangible book as your medium-go ahead. I won't waste my time with all that nonsense. I adore all mediums: books, audiobooks, and ebooks. As long as I'm reading (or listening) to a good novel or other genre, I'm in Heaven. The visualization...the smell, the grip of the page. Spine titling poetry. Sneaking in another title on a buckling shelf to tuck somewhere that the book should or shouldn't fit. I love and adore all those things from a book. That's why I will always collect books. The transportation from reality to imagination is what made me a bibliophile. I can be a bibliophile in any medium. 
Everyone  needs a lil' E-Ink. 
You probably heard of "Whodunnit? Murder in Mystery Manor" by Anthony Zuiker before via the popular TV show. Heck, even the killer gets a twitter account and gets in on the fun. Trust me-listen to the audiobook. It's just as deliciously evil and sadistic with twists and turns like you'd never believe. Narrated by Gildart Jackson, it runs just over 7 & 1/2 hours. Jackson's voice is pleasant and smooth, the pacing is just right with intensity guiding and aligning to the scenes appropriately. Summarized, characters are summoned to a manor under the impression of being winners of a sweepstakes to live like royalty for a week. Think again. A murder occurs. The 10 guests now know they are stuck in a diabolical game where they must solve murder after murder of each other when they occur-and be the last one standing. The twist? The killer stands among them. In the end, there will be a winner, a loser, and the revealed killer. Definitely worth the listen-and at the time of writing of this post, the unabridged version is still free. Giving a free book a try will never do you any harm, especiously one where there's no clich├ęs of "the butler did it."

Book Details
Author: Anthony Zuiker, narrated by Gildart Jackson
Format: Audiobook. 7.32 min, 33 sec. 
Want this book for free? Click on the links provided and choose the "Unabridged version" as seen via the screen shot below and download. Audible and Kindle apps are free, so you can listen on many platforms. Enjoy. 


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