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Day 14: "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay

Day 14 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. 

There are some books that change you when you read them. I have several on my shelf. This is one of them. Categorized in the genre of self help You Can Heal Your Life is penned under the author Louise L. Hay that sold over 50 million books worldwide, and is a metaphysical lecturer. Prior to purchasing this title, I wasn't familiar with Hay's work at all and her fan base, but the contents inside were absolutely moving and right on time. Powerful affirmations. Concrete philosophies. Personal exercises for change. All this and more in this book. Not everyone is a fan of this genre. I completely understand. Personally, I can learn and grow from any medium-this includes a book. I found much wisdom within. Take a peek or two. It won't hurt. 
The title comes in many different formats, but the one I own is the gift edition. The trade paperback is sturdy, almost rivaling hardcover. Every sheet of paper is not the traditional standard found in most modern paperbacks;  these are the pages found in fancy end papers, but are on every single page. Thick. Smooth. Nice grip upon page when flipping. Needless to say, the book is beautifully ilustrated by Joan Perrin Falquet, designed by Christy Salinas. It doesn't quite hold that "book" smell yet; probably because it's protected so well, and the paper quality is different. There are a few scratches, barely noticeable on the front cover. In all, still in very good condition. 

Book Details:
Author: Louise L. Hay
Format: Trade paperback, gift edition. 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches. 12.6 ounces. Illustrated by Joan Perrin Falquet. Spine titling. 
Contents: End papers, half title page, table of contents (TOC), introduction, afterword, appendices, index, other books by author page, author bio. Editorial by Jill Kramer. Design by Christy Salinas. 


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