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Day 13: "The Flip Side of Sin" by Rosalyn McMillan

Day 13 in  #BookSpine365.

This title, The Flip Side of Sin sits on my top shelf behind others. Perhaps it's because it's a one hit wonder for me; one of those books you read, and you don't have the desire to read again. While I read McMillan's titles before, this one seemed promising but came off as as mundane, preachy, and a little bit muddled with everything going on. Summarized, you have the main character that loses everything and finds solace in music-his saxophone. He has a new life after leaving jail, and now meets a woman with whom he shares a painful experience. Its the rather cliché ending of romance and him getting it all together in the end that bothers me the most. Throughout the title, there is great writing; it's solid. You can see the author's passion for words, the desire for it to send a message. It just doesn't have that special ingredient that keeps me interested, though. Perhaps other readers and audiences, for we all aren't the same type of reader. 
As for the book itself, it's still in great condition. Perhaps a few wrinkled pages. It's paperback, mass market produced sized. There's the standard yellowing from age and other factors. The spine is visibly cracked quite well, but you can still read the name of the title well. The illustrated cover is beautiful. Book cover design is everything; don't let them fool you, for many do judge the book by its cover. Here, we can clearly see Isaac Coleman and Miracall Lake, grooving to the sounds of his beloved sax. 

Book Details:
Author: Rosalyn McMillan
Format: Mass market paperback. Illustrated front cover. Cover art by Hiro Kimura. Inside back page author bio pic by Larry Kuzniewski. 422 pages. Fiction. 
Contents: Preface, Other books by author, half title page, dedication, acknowledgements, prologue, author bio. ©2000 Bold Brass & Class Inc.

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