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Day 15: "White Fang" by Jack London

Day 15 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf.

Part wolf. Part dog. All his life, this canine had to fight-becoming an orphan cub, scrambling for food, and enduring the elements. His most seemingly dangerous task of all: man. The abuse and capitalization men have  placed on him is beyond cruel, until one day White Fang meets a man to challenge himself and show him what true loyalty means. Written in 1906 by Jack London and adapted by Malvina G. Vogel, White Fang has become a literary classic and is in the public domain. This copy here I have yet to read. I remember White Fang being required reading when I was in school, ages ago. Didn't need to be on a book list as homework for me; I always enjoyed a good book. I remember the grittiness, the rawness of the tale, and the sadness of the human condition. Then the climax and ending develops, and you understand that this story must be told. 
This copy is hardcover, illustrated, with larger sized print. The illustrations are in black and white sketch,  every other page. Looks very paneled, in the comic style type of drawing, and hits the point of the current page, dead on. Captions read below the illustrated pages. 
found this copy via a thrift shop. Here's the thing: don't knock thrift shops or used book stores for your finds. Ever. If you buy via Amazon, you're getting it via a used book store if you use that "used" link to purchase books. You may get a thrift store copy as well, depending on what location you may choose. Dig deep. Get a rare find every now and then if you're a real bibliophile. Well, the title smells very bookish; a little dusty on the insides, but that can be fixed. Slight yellowing of pages, but every single page is very crisp. Minor scratches on cardboard hardcover, and you can barely see them. Very good find.

Wish you had smell-o-blog. This title is divine. 

Book Details:
Title: White Fang  
Author: Jack London 
Format: Hardcover illustrated classic edition. Titled spine. Book cover illustrated by Joseph Miralles. Fiction. Written in 1906. Illustrations by Ross Vera. 
Contents: Leaves, Half title page, Table of contents, about the author. 
©Baronet Books

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