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Day 17: The Marriage Pact by MJ Pullen (Ebook)

Day 17 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf.

So it's ebook Friday on my shelf, and my Kindle has another title which I read, courtesy of the author: The Marriage Pact. Released in summer of 2011, I loaded it up on my device and dived in. The title lured me. A marriage pact you say? Hopefully not a prearranged marriage fairytale that couldn't challenge my thoughts, or something similar. Summarized, the main character of this book-Marci, is a mess-complete and total mess. She's involved in an affair. She's stuck in a dead end job. Her life seems to have no mojo, and her address as Lourde would say, has no "post code envy." But then she remembers a familiar napkin with a pact that can change her life forever.  All the makings of a great book, considering tragedy is the muse to artful storytelling. Then there's always a little hope to grab onto, mix in a few gossipy women, get the point.

Personally, I felt the book fell rather flat. I'm okay with the protagonist almost being an antagonist of the sort-there is realism in writing about selfish and morally offensive personas. The rhythm in which I found the pact and how that relationship solidified just seemed too fairytale to me. Some characters could delve a little deeper with their dialogue, and the ending seemed cliché.  I will say this, however---MJ Pullen redeemed the hell out of herself with her follow up to this book, Regrets Only. You can truly see where she developed not only her writing, but her characters much more. It's a sequel, but you can read Regrets Only as a stand alone book and not be lost at all, or have any continuity issues.
Book Details
Title: The Marriage Pact
Author: MJ Pullen
Format: ebook, via Kindle. 771 kb. At print length, 253 pages. Amazon Kindle lending available. 

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